DOMESTIC 40-stem matchbook DOMESTIC, CD40

Custom-printed 40-stem matchbook

Here's the most cost-effective advertising medium ever invented! You get 4 exposures in 1 unit: front, top, back and inside. The matchbook has no equal in its low cost per use. It shows off your logo, message, and contact information. It's your functional business card that customers take home and keep. It prompts repeat business with each customer.

  • Creates Awareness
  • Builds Your Customer Base
  • Promotes Brand Loyalty
  • Increases Traffic Density
  • Brings Referral Business
  • Brings Repeat Business


PRICES include printing each ink color on entire outside cover (front, saddle, back, and flap) with UV gloss coating on duo-white stock. Striker friction on back. Overall matte varnish, PMS-2X inks, fluorescent inks, and metallic inks (gold, silver, copper, or bronze) count as 2 colors each. Spot shiny varnish is a 1-color charge. No extra matching charges for Pantone colors and no setup charges for an exact reprint. Printing method: Offset.


Plate/Setup: $35.00 per order (waived for reprints with the exact same art)

Folded Size: 3” Wide x 1-7/8” Long. Match Stems: 2 rows x 20 = 40 matches.

*Starting price is based on 1 imprinting color at the minimum quantity and may not reflect the production specs of the sample shown.

**4-Colors = 4-color process or 4 Pantone spot colors.

Production Time is approximately 9-10 weeks plus transit

STANDARD MATCH STEMS + TIPS: black stems, white tips

Made in USA.

MULTIPLE SHIPMENTS / SPLIT BILLINGS within one year: on total quantity order of 25,000 or more, minimum shipments of 12,500 books are acceptable at no extra charge, not to exceed 4 shipments per order.


#2010: 50 match books per inner caddy x 50 caddies = 2,500 match books per carton. Dimensions: 21.2" x 14.1" x 9.2" = 1.6cft. Weight: 19 lbs. Packing on a particular order could be changed from these standard specifications without notification.

SHIPPING: We use only heavy-duty 5-wall corrugated shipping cartons. Every effort is made to protect the gloss or matte finish on these matchboxes. Hard impacts in shipping may cause smudging and scratching of the finish. This is not a defect in the quality of the product and the factory cannot be held responsible for credits and re-makes due to rough handling in transit.


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Prices are per 1,000 pieces. To view the cost per quantity please click on the price of the quantity you are interested in to see the extended price in ADD TO CART column.
Quantity: ( pcs ) 2,400 6,000 12,000 24,000 48,000 96,000 120,000
1 color $144.19 $116.12 $96.54 $70.06 $63.74 $60.58 $59.96
2 color $176.06 $140.73 $114.24 $85.82 $79.52 $74.48 $71.96
3 color $201.95 $164.71 $131.89 $102.23 $95.28 $88.35 $83.93
4 color $227.82 $188.72 $150.22 $118.02 $110.46 $102.86 $95.93
Add Color $25.87 $23.98 $17.67 $15.78 $15.78 $13.89 $11.98
Embossing n/a n/a $48.59 $26.50 $19.56 $16.41 $14.52
Hot Stamp n/a n/a $60.58 $37.24 $26.49 $25.24 $23.98
= $346,06

Cancellation and Return Policy: Sudek USA does not accept a return or cancellation of any custom printed products which have been printed or are in the process of printing unless the product is misprinted. Notification to Sudek USA of printing error must be given in writing within 20 days of the order delivery date in order to qualify for credit or refund.

Place an order of 3 or more items and receive 5% discount. 5 or more items 10% discount.