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Ordering info

General Ordering Information

Production Time

5 - 15 working days; time starts when credit and artwork are approved.

Rush Orders

Rush orders are available with prior factory approval. Same Day, 1 Day and 3 Day Services are available.

Less Than Minimum



All orders and changes must be confirmed in writing. Sudek USA Inc. will not accept responsibility for errors on verbal orders/changes. Any changes to order must be 5 working days prior to shipping, and confirmed in writing.

Overruns / Underruns

Factory reserves the right to ship and bill 5% overruns or underruns.

Co-op Programs

Quotation upon request. Prices subject to change without notice.

Imprinting Chocolate

For customizing chocolate add $95(X) one-time mold charge. For 3-dimensional chocolate, call Sudek USA Inc. for quotation. For repeat orders add $20 set-up charge. No mold charge for stock designs — Thank You Season ’ s Greetings and Happy Holiday (on bar chocolate only). All dies remain property of the Sudek USA Inc. Dark, white and mint chocolate are available at an additional 10% surcharge.

Foil Wrapping

For chocolate products that do not include foil wrapping, additional charge is incurred if foil is required. Items 1 oz. or less are $.20 each. 2 oz. to 4 0z. are $.25 each. 5 oz. to 7 oz. are $.30 each. Over 7 oz. $.45 each.


Individual Mailers for products under 10 oz. $1.00. For products over 10 oz. $1.50. For products inserted into mailer $.75.


For individual shipments (1 per location) with supplied labels on disk add $.50 ea. Labels typed for individual shipments add $1.50 ea. Shipping and handling will be billed separately. Orders with more than 10 locations are shipped exclusively with UPS.

For further detail, please reference these Instructions and Template.

Shipping & Handling


Drop Shipments

Orders shipped to more than one location, $10 for each additional location.

Split Shipments

For an order split into different times for shipments add $10 for each shipment.

Warm Weather Shipment

(for chocolate products) For larger shipments refrigeration trucking is available. For smaller shipments add $10 for each insulated carton with ice packs. For climates over 65 degrees, we recommend shipping chocolate in 8 lb insulated coolers with ice and a 2-3 day delivery time. Over 80 degrees, we recommend 1-2 day delivery times. UPS Ground Service is acceptable for 1 to 2 day zones. UPS Blue Service or UPS Red Service is required for shipments into regions that will take 3 or more shipping days.

Foreign Shipments

Add $25 per location.


Must be made no later than 2 business days after receipt of order.


No merchandise may be returned without our return authorization number and all boxes must be marked with return authorization number.


Billed for all work performed to point of cancellation plus $20.

Trademark Notice

Sudek USA Inc. assumes no responsibility for determining who does or does not hold title to a trademark. The artwork, designs and trademarks imprinted on the products displayed herein are reproduced only as examples of the type of quality of imprinted products available. They are not intended to represent that the products are either endorsed by owners of the artwork, designs or trademark.

Special orders

Sample orders under $7.50 are free when you include your shipper number!

Product sample orders totaling over $7.50 will be charged to your account. We will charge for sample orders where the shipper number is not supplied.

Not Responsible For Typographical Errors.


Checklist For Complete and Easy Ordering


Please include the following information on your PO where necessary:

Your contact information.

ART (Camera Ready or Typeset info)

Imprint and Item Stock or PMS match Colors

Ship-To Address

Ship Method

Authorization for use of Shipping Acct.

Your Fax / email for acknowledgement delivery.

Contact for Proof Approvals

Previous P.O.# for Art Referral

Customer Account #

Service Changes to consider in addition to product cost and freight:

PMS Color Match

Running Charge

Typeset or Paper Proof

Ice Box Charge

Less Than Minimum

In hands date

Set Up Charges

Rush Charges

* Service charges may vary between products and product lines.