Art Requirements

General Sudek USA Art Guidelines

If you do not have designer, our art department will create designs for you!   

Art Requirements

We require art files to be in the following formats, Adobe Illustrator (.AI or . EPS) files or Adobe PDF files.

  • EPS files need to be saved as vector
  • Vector Art containing fonts must be converted to curves or outlines
  • Pantone Coated or Uncoated colors need to be specified
  • 4-color artwork should be converted to CMYK
  • JPG or PNG files should be minimum of 300 dpi
  • All images need to be embedded

For vector artwork, all fonts must be converted to curves or outlines. If fonts are not curved or outlined, and no font file is provided, you will be charged for the purchase of the missing font, unless you could provide it for PC.

All Pantone colors will need to be specified when providing vector artwork. The type of Pantone PMS Colors needed depends on the type of material being printed on.

  • Pantone PMS C Coated colors: Gloss finish, such as plastic or coated paper.
  • Pantone PMS C Coated colors: Applying Matte Varnish to gloss finish
  • Pantone PMS U Uncoated: Matte finish, such as tissue or uncoated paper.

For artwork printed in 4-color process / CMYK, please convert the art colors to CMYK. RGB and HEX colors are not acceptable.

In the event that vector artwork is not available, our art department will redraw your design. Artwork in a JPG, GIF or PNG file types will need to be in at least 300 dpi to redraw. The redraw fee is $125.00 per design. You will be required to submit a written approval of the charges and provide payment

Addition Charges and Information 

Design Charges

  • $45.00 per design created
  • 2 changes per design are included
  • $20.00 per change, per design after 2nd change

Art files must match specifications listed on your order and correspond to what was quoted for accurate pricing. Our art department will evaluate your artwork, and provide feedback on any changes that need to be made. All design charges and redraw fees will need to be paid in advance.

Please email artwork to