Making an impression during that big meeting is important to remain remembered. You have come to the right place! Sudek USA will help you find the best products that will represent your brand and remind your clients of you on a daily basis.


Impress at corporate outings with our custom printed umbrellas! Designed with your brand’s logo for a personal touch, they're the perfect gift. Built with durability, our umbrellas ensure they're used time and time again.
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Outdoor & Leisure

Discover our range of custom printed outdoor & leisure products! Functional and perfect for repeated use, they enhance everyday adventures for all recipients. Featuring your logo, you'll stay top of mind wherever they journey.
Top sellers from Outdoor & Leisure
  • Travel Blanket
    Indulge in unparalleled comfort with our exquisite Classic Plaid Fleece Blanket. Designed to be your...
    From $11.323 To $18.421
    * Minimum order 25 pieces
  • Sherpa Throw
    Embrace the utmost comfort and warmth on chilly nights with our exquisite Premium Sherpa Throw. This...
    From $28.333 To $46.099
    * Minimum order 12 pieces
  • Shoulder Strap Picnic Blanket
    Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our attractive Fleece Striped Blanket....
    From $12.079 To $19.656
    * Minimum order 20 pieces
  • ® Camp 20° Sleeping Bag
    Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth with this dome-style sleeping bag with your logo. Designed...
    From $77.330 To $125.798
    * Minimum order 3 pieces
  • ® Field Blanket
    Keep your noggin warm when the temps drop with this double-layer knit beanie. Constructed from 100%...
    From $15.733 To $25.595
    * Minimum order 22 pieces
  • ® Cuff Beanie
    Focus on nature's beauty with these water-resistant binoculars. They feature 8x magnification, cushioned...
    From $5.855 To $10.080
    * Minimum order 24 pieces
  • ® Camp 5-piece BBQ Set
    Durable 18/8 Food grade stainless steel tools come packaged in neoprene case that keep all tools in...
    From $27.376 To $40.488
    * Minimum order 10 pieces
  • ® Camp 2 Person Tent
    The ultimate getaway, this 2-person tent features mesh windows on 3 sides and a strong frame that can...
    From $98.633 To $179.970
    * Minimum order 2 pieces


Choose from our wide array of custom printed notebooks to elevate your brand! These high-quality notebooks are tailored to your brand identity, featuring your logo or design. deal for on-the-go note-taking, they're perfect for making connections and leaving a lasting impression.
Top sellers from Notebooks
  • Classic Notebook
    Embrace versatility and style with our lightweight notebook, perfect for students and professionals...
    From $3.503 To $5.090
    * Minimum order 50 pieces
  • PU Leather Notebook
    Fuel your company's creativity with our custom printed notebooks featuring elastic strap closure, ribbon,...
    From $4.620 To $10.500
    * Minimum order 250 pieces
  • Pen Pal Notebook
    Pen Pal Notebook includes a flexible cover, 65 sheets of lined note paper, and a pen.
    From $2.176 To $3.545
    * Minimum order 75 pieces
  • The Keep It Notebook
    The Keep It Notebook features ivory-lined sheets and a front pocket, suitable for note-taking and organization.
    From $3.520 To $5.720
    * Minimum order 75 pieces

Backpacks, Duffle Bags, and Briefcases

Make your company logo stand out on custom printed backpacks, duffle bags, and briefcases. Sudek USA custom printed printed backpacks, duffle bags, and briefcases improve brand recognition. create a professional and cohesive look for your staff, clients and also making them your company walking billboards!
Top sellers from Backpacks, Duffle Bags, and Briefcases

Writing Instruments

Custom printed promotional pens, advertising pencils, and logo highlighters are cost-effective marketing treasures for any business. They seamlessly fuse utility with advertising, placing your brand at fingertips.
Top sellers from Writing Instruments
  • Promotional Pens for Events
    Custom printed marketing pens - Iten CLCL Clear Clics Pen
    From $1.131 To $1.225
    * Minimum order 300 pieces
  • Metal Twist Stylus Pen
    Custom printed stylus pens are a versatile and useful promotional item that can be used to promote your...
    From $0.924 To $1.302
    * Minimum order 100 pieces
  • Clic™ Pen
    Embrace sustainability with our sleek classic pen made of 68% renewable softwood materials. Its polished...
    From $0.708 To $1.063
    * Minimum order 150 pieces
  • Clic™ Gold Pen
    Elevate your writing experience with our favorite writing instrument featuring polished gold-plated...
    From $0.847 To $1.263
    * Minimum order 150 pieces
  • BIC® Clic Stic® Stylus Pen
    Introducing the ultimate multitasking tool for the modern era - the dependable retractable pen with...
    From $0.631 To $0.847
    * Minimum order 300 pieces
  • BIC® Round Stic® Pen
    Experience the reliability and versatility of the Round Stic Pen, a trusted choice for businesses around...
    From $0.378 To $0.477
    * Minimum order 500 pieces
  • Pivo® Chrome Pen
    Elevate your restaurant's branding with this sleek and stylish retractable pen. Its slim profile design...
    From $0.708 To $1.063
    * Minimum order 150 pieces


Discover a world of convenience with our collection of must-have accessories. From versatile jar openers to handy key chains, we have the perfect tools to simplify your daily tasks. Uncork bottles effortlessly with our premium cork screws, or pop open beverages with style using our sleek bottle openers.
Top sellers from Housewares

Mouse Pads

Custom printed corporate mouse pads provide a functional yet powerful promotional tool. Personalized with a business logo or message, custom printed mouse pads enhance brand visibility on daily basis.
Top sellers from Mouse Pads

Sticky Notes

Custom printed sticky notes and notepads serve as versatile, practical marketing tools. Each note page displaying your company's logo or branding message. Custom printed sticky notes and notepads subtly enhance brand recognition every time someone takes a note..
Top sellers from Sticky Notes


Custom printed magnets are a smart, affordable way to promote your brand. Sudek USA custom printed magnets stick around, quite literally, on refrigerators, filing cabinets, or any metal surface, serving as a daily reminder of your company message or logo.
Top sellers from Magnets


Custom printed drinkware offers a unique marketing opportunity. Sudek USA offers sport water bottles, bicycle water bottles, collapsible can coolers, stainless steel water bottles and much more!
Top sellers from Drinkware

24 Hour Service

Discover the unmatched convenience of Sudek USA's 24-hour service on a wide range of products. Explore program requirements, decoration options, and shipping details with just a click. Excellence, speed, and versatility, at your fingertips any time, any day. Dive in for complete information.


Top sellers from Office


Top sellers from Travel
  • Plaza Meridian Garment Bag
    Transport your formal attire with ease and elegance using this foldable custom printed garment bag....
    From $34.969 To $56.876
    * Minimum order 13 pieces
  • Travel Zippered Wallet
    Travel with ease with this all-in-one travel wallet that has room for all your essential travel documents....
    From $9.055 To $14.255
    * Minimum order 75 pieces
  • KAPSTON® Pierce Luggage Tag
    Travel in style with our elegant luggage tag from the Pierce Collection. This chic accessory boasts...
    From $5.720 To $9.299
    * Minimum order 50 pieces
  • KAPSTON® Willow RPET Fanny Pack
    Make a sustainable statement with our trendy eco-conscious fanny pack. Designed for easy cleaning, it...
    From $10.004 To $16.271
    * Minimum order 25 pieces
  • Ripstop Recycled Fanny Pack
    Made of recycled PET fabrics, this trendy, eco-conscious fanny pack is the right size for holding all...
    From $7.249 To $11.794
    * Minimum order 25 pieces


Top sellers from Meeting
  • Vintage Style Padfolio
    This vintage-looking padfolio, with contrast stitching, makes a statement. The exterior pen loop makes...
    From $16.800 To $21.336
    * Minimum order 13 pieces
  • Arrow Zippered Padfolio
    Elevate your professional image with our robust vinyl padfolio, boasting a premium textured finish and...
    From $21.151 To $31.634
    * Minimum order 13 pieces
  • Andrew Philips® Westbridge Leather Padholder
    Andrew Philips® Westbridge Leather Padholder with a large interior pocket, slip pockets, a writing pad,...
    From $66.436 To $98.255
    * Minimum order 3 pieces
  • Value Plus Standard Folder
    The Value Plus Standard Folder includes a 50-page lined writing pad, pen loop, and interior pockets,...
    From $5.267 To $8.576
    * Minimum order 25 pieces


Top sellers from Calendars

Tools & Keychains

Custom printed tools, flashlights, key chains, and carabiners make perfect promotional items, combining utility with constant brand exposure. Whether unlocking a door, fixing a problem, or illuminating darkness, your logo or massage is always visible, associating your business with dependability and convenience in the minds of all users.
Top sellers from Tools & Keychains
  • Custom laser engraved keychains
    Custom branded printed keychains
    From $0.000 To $0.000
    * Minimum order 100 pieces
  • Small Rosewood Pocket Knife - Gold
    Small pocket knife features gold accents on rich rosewood handle. Arrives packaged in velvet drawsting...
    From $8.484 To $13.801
    * Minimum order 25 pieces
  • Leatherman® Wingman®
    From a name you can trust, this top-rated multi-tool combines scissors, spring-action pliers, and 12...
    From $78.204 To $115.650
    * Minimum order 6 pieces
  • 11-in-1 Carabiner Tool Kit
    This tool kit is as elegant as it is functional. You can easily transport it anywhere you go thanks...
    From $9.038 To $14.700
    * Minimum order 25 pieces
  • Tire Gauge
    The Tire Gauge is a practical tool individually polybagged and capable of reading up to 50 PSI.
    From $1.176 To $1.915
    * Minimum order 125 pieces


Custom printed golf accessories, such as golf balls, tees, or towels, offer a sporty twist to your marketing efforts. Imprinted with your logo or message, they turn every swing into a branding opportunity. Custom printed golf accessories are ideal for corporate outings or giveaways, these items seamlessly blend leisure with brand promotion.
Top sellers from Golf
  • Rip It Pak
    A classic golf promo that maximizes your brand exposure! This kit includes 10 imprinted tees, 2 imprinted...
    From $3.032 To $4.040
    * Minimum order 250 pieces
  • Golf Mesh Shoe Bag
    Take care of your golf shoes with this practical corporate shoe bag. Designed with mesh side vents,...
    From $7.283 To $11.021
    * Minimum order 50 pieces
  • Titleist® Pro V1® Golf Ball Std Serv
    Designed for serious golfers seeking tour-level golf ball performance. The Pro V1® provides the greatest...
    From $72.030 To $78.826
    * Minimum order 12 pieces
  • RPET Double Layer Golf Towel
    The design of this golf towel keeps the outside clean. Use the inner layer to clean your clubs; then...
    From $3.318 To $4.906
    * Minimum order 50 pieces
  • Back Nine Pak
    A fun and affordable way to promote your brand on the golf course! Includes 5 imprinted 2-3/4" tees...
    From $2.100 To $2.797
    * Minimum order 250 pieces

Awards & Recognition

Shop our custom recognition awards! Add your company's logo or design to personalized trophies, personalized clocks, personalized trophies and medals, personalized plaques, personalized awards, personalized art glass, personalized paperweight, personalized vases and bowls personalized wooden basis, personalized acrylic awards, and more.
Top sellers from Awards & Recognition
  • Pentagon Clock
    Stand out with this uniquely designed product that makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Its eye-catching...
    From $90.065 To $133.190
    * Minimum order 3 pieces
  • Baltimore Vase
    This simple yet elegant glass vase is perfect for decorating your office or home.Great for an entryway...
    From $67.477 To $99.784
    * Minimum order 1 pieces
  • Acrylic Shield Award
    The beveled edges of this uniquely shaped freestanding plaque beautifully reflect light and bring attention...
    From $28.778 To $42.571
    * Minimum order 3 pieces
  • Round Paperweight
    Not just another pretty desk accessory, the heft of this optical crystal paperweight keeps papers where...
    From $30.206 To $44.680
    * Minimum order 3 pieces
  • Frosted Swirl - Large
    A true piece of art, swirls intertwine in this award to create a mesmerizing design. Seated on a black...
    From $104.378 To $165.052
    * Minimum order 3 pieces

Business cards, Custom printed business cards

Make a lasting impression with our custom printed business cards. As an essential marketing tool for businesses and individuals, our cards are designed to captivate and represent your brand with style. Choose from a wide range of options to create a unique card that leaves a lasting impact. Elevate your networking game today!
Top sellers from Business cards, Custom printed business cards

Ear Buds

Custom printed Air Pods also called wireless Ear buds are a fantastic way to promote your brand or business.
Top sellers from Ear Buds