Making an impression during that big meeting is important to remain remembered. You have come to the right place! Sudek USA will help you find the best products that will represent your brand and remind your clients of you on a daily basis.

Awards & Recognition

Shop our custom recognition awards! Add your company's logo or design to personalized trophies, personalized clocks, personalized trophies and medals, personalized plaques, personalized awards, personalized art glass, personalized paperweight, personalized vases and bowls personalized wooden basis, personalized acrylic awards, and more.
Top sellers from Awards & Recognition
  • Pentagon Clock
    Stand out with this uniquely designed product that makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Its eye-catching...
    From $90.065 To $133.190
    * Minimum order 3 pieces
  • Droplet Award
    This elegantly curved award features a royal blue droplet surrounded by clear crystal. A true work of...
    From $181.742 To $306.541
    * Minimum order 1 pieces
  • Baltimore Vase
    This simple yet elegant glass vase is perfect for decorating your office or home.Great for an entryway...
    From $67.477 To $99.784
    * Minimum order 1 pieces
  • Acrylic Floating Star
    This item has a unique shape and look to it.Award star performers!Star comes unattached from base and...
    From $44.782 To $44.782
    * Minimum order 1 pieces
  • Acrylic Shield Award
    The beveled edges of this uniquely shaped freestanding plaque beautifully reflect light and bring attention...
    From $28.778 To $42.571
    * Minimum order 3 pieces
  • Iceberg Star Award
    The frosty finish adds a level of sophistication to this awards, perfect for the rising start in your...
    From $94.433 To $94.433
    * Minimum order 3 pieces
  • Round Paperweight
    Not just another pretty desk accessory, the heft of this optical crystal paperweight keeps papers where...
    From $30.206 To $44.680
    * Minimum order 3 pieces
  • Frosted Swirl - Large
    A true piece of art, swirls intertwine in this award to create a mesmerizing design. Seated on a black...
    From $117.432 To $198.055
    * Minimum order 3 pieces

Badge Holders & Lanyards

Looking to customize lanyards and badge holders that your team can use every day? Custom lanyards and name badge holders improve brand recognition and create a professional and cohesive look for your staff or visitors to your workplace or at the trade shows.
Top sellers from Badge Holders & Lanyards

Backpacks, Duffle Bags, and Briefcases

Make your company logo stand out on custom printed backpacks, duffle bags, and briefcases. Sudek USA custom printed printed backpacks, duffle bags, and briefcases improve brand recognition. create a professional and cohesive look for your staff, clients and also making them your company walking billboards!
Top sellers from Backpacks, Duffle Bags, and Briefcases


Choose from custom printed USBs, custom printed charges, custom printed earbuds and cases, custom printed cable organizers, custom printed speakers and more…

Writing Instruments

Custom printed promotional pens, advertising pencils, and logo highlighters are cost-effective marketing treasures for any business. They seamlessly fuse utility with advertising, placing your brand at fingertips.
Top sellers from Writing Instruments
  • Metal Twist Stylus Pen
    Custom printed stylus pens are a versatile and useful promotional item that can be used to promote your...
    From $0.924 To $1.302
    * Minimum order 100 pieces
  • Clic™ Pen
    Embrace sustainability with our sleek classic pen made of 68% renewable softwood materials. Its polished...
    From $0.708 To $1.063
    * Minimum order 150 pieces
  • Clic™ Gold Pen
    Elevate your writing experience with our favorite writing instrument featuring polished gold-plated...
    From $0.847 To $1.263
    * Minimum order 150 pieces
  • BIC® Clic Stic® Stylus Pen
    Introducing the ultimate multitasking tool for the modern era - the dependable retractable pen with...
    From $0.631 To $0.847
    * Minimum order 300 pieces
  • Round Stic Pen
    Experience the reliability and versatility of the Round Stic Pen, a trusted choice for businesses around...
    From $0.257 To $0.324
    * Minimum order 500 pieces
  • Pivo® Chrome Pen
    Elevate your restaurant's branding with this sleek and stylish retractable pen. Its slim profile design...
    From $0.708 To $1.063
    * Minimum order 150 pieces


Discover a world of convenience with our collection of must-have accessories. From versatile jar openers to handy key chains, we have the perfect tools to simplify your daily tasks. Uncork bottles effortlessly with our premium cork screws, or pop open beverages with style using our sleek bottle openers.
Top sellers from Housewares

Mouse Pads

Custom printed corporate mouse pads provide a functional yet powerful promotional tool. Personalized with a business logo or message, custom printed mouse pads enhance brand visibility on daily basis.
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Custom printed magnets are a smart, affordable way to promote your brand. Sudek USA custom printed magnets stick around, quite literally, on refrigerators, filing cabinets, or any metal surface, serving as a daily reminder of your company message or logo.
Top sellers from Magnets

Sticky Notes

Custom printed sticky notes and notepads serve as versatile, practical marketing tools. Each note page displaying your company's logo or branding message. Custom printed sticky notes and notepads subtly enhance brand recognition every time someone takes a note..
Top sellers from Sticky Notes


Custom printed drinkware offers a unique marketing opportunity. Sudek USA offers sport water bottles, bicycle water bottles, collapsible can coolers, stainless steel water bottles and much more!
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Business cards, Custom printed business cards

Make a lasting impression with our custom printed business cards. As an essential marketing tool for businesses and individuals, our cards are designed to captivate and represent your brand with style. Choose from a wide range of options to create a unique card that leaves a lasting impact. Elevate your networking game today!


Custom branded promotional laser engraved keychains are a great way to promote your brand or business.
Top sellers from Keychains

Ear Buds

Custom printed Air Pods also called wireless Ear buds are a fantastic way to promote your brand or business.
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