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Let us help you to grow your business with custom printed products. We will set your establishment apart from the competition and also save you time and money. Sudek USA provides high quality products at competitive prices and most importantly unsurpassed customer service for over 30 years. If you do not see the products that you need, contact us and we will find them for you.


Sudek USA offers a wide selection of coasters designed to meet your needs. Choose from our range of options including absorbent soft cellulose coasters, sturdy pulpboard coasters, budget board coasters, and airlaid coasters.
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Napkins and Linen Like Guest Towels

We have a fantastic assortment of tissue products to elevate your dining experience. Our collection of soft tissue napkins includes dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, dispenser napkins, as well as our elegant linen-like guest towels, which closely resemble fabric.
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Matches, Matchbooks and Lighters

Ignite your brand presence with our custom printed promotional matchboxes, matchbooks, and lighters. These sleek and practical items offer the perfect opportunity to enhance your brand image.
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Turn heads and expand your brand's reach with our custom printed bags. Your stylish and functional bags will transform into walking billboards, promoting your company wherever they go.
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Ramekin Butter Covers

Ramekin butter covers are designed to ensure the hygiene and freshness of your butter, sauces, dips, jams, or any spreads. With Sudek USA ramekin butter covers, you can confidently serve and preserve your condiments, guaranteeing a delightful and clean dining experience.
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Choose your full sleeve chopsticks or half sleeve chopsticks that are perfect for marketing on-the-go. Personalize these unique utensils with your logo or message to create a memorable and impactful promotional item.
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Sugar Sticks - Sugar Tubes

Discover the branding potential with our custom printed sugar sticks! These versatile sugar tubes, also known as sugar sachets or sugar packets offer yet another opportunity to showcase your business. Personalize these convenient and eye-catching sugar sticks with your logo or promotional message.
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Paper Placemats

Custom printed personalized placemats are the perfect addition to showcase your logo, menu, or advertisements. Every glance downwards becomes an opportunity for your customers to engage with your brand, making it effective marketing tool for your business.
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Explore our extensive selection of custom printed toothpicks, offering versatility for various needs. Take your pick from our range, which includes box toothpicks, booklet toothpicks, and double wrapped toothpicks.
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Paper and Plastic Cups

Make a lasting impression with our custom paper and custom plastic disposable cups! These cups provide an excellent opportunity for advertising, allowing you to showcase your brand to customers while they enjoy their beverages.
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Glass Covers - Stancaps

Discover our diverse range of glass covers and Stancaps, designed to safeguard your beverages from dust, insects, and spills. Choose the perfect option from our wide selection, ensuring a hygienic and enjoyable drinking experience.
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Business Cards

Elevate your brand with custom printed business cards tailored to your unique identity. Stand out from the crowd with personalized designs that leave a lasting impression on potential clients and partners. Choose from a range of premium cardstocks, finishes, and sizes to suit your style and budget.
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Coffee Sleeves - Java Jackets

Introducing our custom printed coffee sleeves, also known as java jackets, the perfect on-the-go marketing tool! These sleeves not only provide insulation for your hot beverages but also offer a prime branding space.
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Maintain your company's impeccable image with our refreshing and delicious mints! The perfect accompaniment after any meal, these mints are also a fantastic way to express gratitude with a heartfelt "Thank you."
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Water Bottles

Make a statement with our personalized custom printed water bottles! These bottles are the ideal choice for company events, trade shows, wellness programs, company outings, sales meetings, staff meetings, or even as merchandise.
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Coat Check Tags

Streamline the organization and security of your guests' belongings with our coat check tags. These tags are designed to effortlessly manage and safeguard coats, luggage, hats, and bags.
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Flag Picks, Drink Stirrers and Swizzle Sticks

Enhance the elegance of your beverages and food presentation with our range of custom printed stirrers, picks, and flag picks. Choose from plastic, metal, or wooden options to effortlessly elevate your offerings.
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Tissues Packs

Boost your business brand awareness with our custom printed logo tissue packs. These practical and portable packs provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your logo and make a lasting impression on customers.
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Napkin Rings

Complete your table setting with our range of custom printed restaurant napkin rings, available in various sizes. Enhance the visual appeal of your dining experience by adding these personalized napkin bands.
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Wax Deli Paper Sheets

Present your brand in style while ensuring the freshness and protection of your food with our custom printed greaseproof wax sheets. Featuring high-quality printing and a durable wax coating, these sheets are perfect for any food service setting.
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Matchbooks Memo Pads

Introducing our Memo Matchbooks, also known as Matchless Memos. These innovative items put a twist on the traditional matchbook, offering the same advertising space and printing options.
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Magnifying Lights

The magnifying light is a must-have for those requiring close examination of small details or read restaurant menu. Featuring a potent lens and illuminating LED light, this tool is indispensable in professional settings.
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Check Presenters

Enhance the dining experience for your guests with our custom printed restaurant check presenters. These check presenters, personalized with your logo, add a distinctive and personalized touch to the bill presentation.
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    Custom printed restaurant check presenters are a stylish and practical addition to any dining establishment....
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Wine Openers

Unlock the potential of your brand with personalized custom wine openers. Tailored to your specifications, these sleek tools are perfect for restaurant and corporate gifts, event giveaways, or retail merchandise.
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