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Four Coasters with Solid Cherry Chest

Plate charge: $40.00
Setup charge: $30.00
Plus Freight
Production time: 3 weeks

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Indulge in the elegance of our solid cherry chest, specially crafted to house four exquisite premium coasters. Available in your choice of a brass-plated (as shown) or silver zinc finish, this chest exudes timeless sophistication. To make it truly personalized, top it off with a custom crafted medallion that matches the overall aesthetic, creating a gift to be cherished. Our premium coasters are not only visually stunning but also designed for practicality. Each coaster is cork-backed, ensuring your furniture remains protected from unsightly marks. The coasters' leather surfaces are coated with a durable urethane finish, providing resistance against staining and maintaining their pristine appearance over time. For those who desire a larger set, we offer the option of a set of six coasters, allowing you to expand your collection while maintaining the same level of quality and craftsmanship. Embrace the beauty and functionality of our cherry chest and premium coasters. Whether as a personal indulgence or a thoughtful gift, this combination showcases the perfect blend of style, protection, and customization. Order yours today and elevate your living space with these exceptional pieces.

  • Same medallion on chest and coasters. Shown with Round (QC) medallion
  • Please specify trim color
  • Please specify leather color
  • Each piece is made of a naturally occurring material; slight variations may be present
  • Coasters shown with Round (QC) medallion


custom-crafted, laser-engraved or screen-printed medallion on coasters and top of chest


  • Custom-Crafted Medallion Top of Chest and Coasters ROUND (QC) 1.25" dia; RECTANGLE (RQC): 1.5"w x 1.0625"h, Standard.
  • Laser Engrave Top of Chest and Coasters ROUND (QC) 1.0625" dia; RECTANGLE (RQC): 1.375"w x 1"h, Optional.
  • Screen-Print Medallion Top of Chest and Coasters ROUND (QC) 1.0625" dia; RECTANGLE (RQC): 1.375"w x 1"h, 1 color included, 1 color max, Optional.
  • Deboss Wraparound 3" dia., Optional, additional charge.
  • Foil Stamp Wraparound 3" dia., 1 color included, 1 color max, Optional, additional charge.
  • Full Color Top of Coasters 3" dia., Optional, additional charge.


Screen Print Colors

  •   Brown 1545
  •   Metallic Copper 876
  •   Orange 172
  •   Metallic Gold 872
  •   Athletic Gold 116
  •   Lemon 114
  •   Cream 1345
  •   Forest Green 341
  •   Teal 327
  •   Green 355
  •   Dark Teal 316
  •   Navy Blue 281
  •   Royal Blue 293
  •   Process Blue
  •   Reflex Blue
  •   Purple 2587
  •   Burgundy 208
  •   Maroon 202
  •   Red 186
  •   Magenta 205
  •   Pink 211
  •   Black
  •   Charcoal Gray 424
  •   Metallic Silver 877
  •   Color Match
  •   White


  • Product Height: 4.875"
  • Product Width: 5.5"
  • Product Depth: 4.875"


  • Product Colors : Cherry
  • Trim Colors : Brass-Plated, Zinc
  • Coaster Leather Colors : Beige, Black, Brown, Burgundy, Green, Navy, Red, Royal, Tan, White


  • Chest: Cherry Wood; Coasters: Brass-Plated Zinc or Zinc Finish, Leather, Cork