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Match Less Memo Pads - Style 4083
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Match Less Memo Pads - Style 4083

Plate charge: $75.00
Setup charge: $35.00
Plus Freight
Production time: Approximately 14-16 weeks

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Custom Printed Match Less Memos Memo Pads

Custom printed match less memo pads are a play on a matchbook. Custom Memo pads look like matchbooks, but they are loaded with 15 perforated sheets. Sudek USA custom printed match less memo pads are a useful and unique promotional item that can be customized with your logo, address, web site, phone number, or special message. Purchasing custom printed match less memo pads is a better investment than matchbooks. Your logo or advertising will be efficient on match less memo printing space.  Custom printed match less memo pads are more cost-efficient compare to matchbooks, because you will not pay for the matches themselves. You get the same advertising space and printing options on your match less memo pads as with a match cover outside and inside.

Matchless memo pads are perfect for nightclubs, bars, restaurants, golf clubs, cruises, airline and any other venues where people meet each other. Having all of the compactness and convenience of a matchbook, a promotional item with your customer’s personal notes is sure to be kept and referred to on daily basis. Your customer is likely to refer to their notepad more often than they would use matches, especially if they are nonsmoker. Memos are a new idea to offering matchbooks. Our match less memo pads are great to create a professional atmosphere. Memos are a classic advertising item for any business!

Custom memo pads are an excellent for businesses and organizations looking for low-cost items that deliver long term brand visibility. Imprinted memo pads are that promotional products to provide usability and functionality while also giving you great logo visibility upon placement. They are great to have around the house or the office, and also come in handy in the car for jotting down notes or important phone numbers to remember. Provide business partners and suppliers with printed memo pads with your logo, marketing message, web site, address and phone number. You could also give out your company match less memo pads at trade shows, company events,

Custom printed match less memo pads may not be glamorous; but for a low price, you can buy a stack of them and give clients something that they will certainly keep and use.

Approximate Size and Design Area 3" x 1-7/8"

Colors: 1 to 4 Colors or CMYK Imprint is available on both sides of match less memo pads 

Printing on the 15 pages is available at additional charge.

***Printing on inside cover at additional charge***

PMS-2X inks, fluorescent inks, and metallic inks (gold, silver, copper, or bronze) count as 2 colors each. Spot shiny varnish is a 1-color up charge.

15 Pages per book

Packed: 1250 piece per case

Weight: 22lb. per case, case dimensions are 21 x 14 x 13 inches