Plain Ramekin Butter Covers with Tab - Size 2.5 inch

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Plain wax parchment paper butter ramekin covers are a practical and convenient solution for covering individual servings of butter or other small condiments. Sudek USA wax parchment paper ramekin butter covers are made from  the best quality waxed parchment paper.  They are resistant to moisture and grease, ensuring that the contents of the ramekin stay fresh and free from contamination.

One of the main benefits of plain wax parchment paper butter ramekin covers is their simplicity. Unlike more complex food storage solutions, these butter ramekin covers are easy to use and require no special instructions or training. Simply place the plain butter covers over the top of the ramekin and press down gently to create a secure seal.

Another advantage of plain wax ramekin butter covers is their versatility. These butter covers can be used to cover a wide variety of condiments, including butter, jam, honey, and other spreads. They are also ideal for use in restaurants, hotels, and other food service establishments where individual portions of condiments are commonly served.

Overall, plain wax butter ramekin covers are a practical and cost-effective solution for keeping individual portions of condiments fresh and free from contamination. Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, these covers are a must-have item for your kitchen arsenal.

The ramekin butter covers tab feature makes it easy for your guests to open and close the cover, while the snug fit ensures that your butter and other condiments will stay fresh and free from contamination. 

Sudek USA parchment paper ramekin butter covers are the perfect addition to any restaurant, bar, hotel or club.

Our plain 2.5-inch butter covers are designed to keep your butter fresh and easily accessible for your guests.

Sudek USA plain ramekin covers are ideal for any hospitality establishment that wants to provide a premium dining experience for their guests. Whether you are running a high-end restaurant, a cozy café or a trendy bar, these plain butter ramekin covers are a great way to elevate your presentation and impress your customers.

Get yours today and take your establishment to the next level!

Size 2.5 Inch with tab