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Custom Printed Restaurant Coat Check Tags

Custom printed restaurant coat check tags are a convenient and efficient way for restaurants to keep track of their patrons' coats and other belongings. Sudek USA restaurant coat check tags are made of durable plastic material, and are designed to be easily attached to hangers. The benefits of custom printed coat check tags are that they allow restaurants to add a professional and personalized touch to their service. By including the restaurant's logo and address, restaurants can create a cohesive and memorable experience for their customers. Restaurant coat check tags can also include other important information such as coat check numbers and that restaurant is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. This information can be used to quickly and easily identify a customer's coat or other belongings in the coat room. Your custom printed coat check tags will help to prevent lost items. By requiring customers to present their coat check tags in order to retrieve their belongings, restaurants can ensure that only the rightful owners are able to access their coats and other items. These upscale custom printed coat check tags can be designed to match the décor and overall ambiance of the restaurant. This can help to create a more cohesive and immersive experience for customers, and can also add to the overall aesthetic of the restaurant. Sudek USA custom printed restaurant coat check tags are the best, because they could be used over and over again, to save money!

Custom printed coat check tag advantages:  

  1. Limit your liability - contract is stated on the back of each coat check tag.
  2. Restaurant coat check tags have quick and easy numbering system
  3. We offer a wide variety of printed colors on your printed coat check tags
  4. We will custom print your coat check tags with the name and logo of your establishment and sponsor for additional branding.

Specifications: Restaurant coat check tags are produced from .030" thick white PVC plastic, printed in CMYK / 4 color process on one or two sides.  The coat check tags measurements are 2.375-inch-wide x 3.3125 inch high with .0375-inch corner radius a 1/2" diameter top hole for placement on the hanger. Your logo or design will be screened in any number of design colors converted to CMYK on a white background or in reverse. Consecutive numbering is provided in black.  We suggest printing your coat room coat check tags numbering requirements in at least sets of 4 or more. One or more coat check tags to remain on the hanger, the other coat check tags will be placed on coats, bags and umbrellas and one printed coat check tag is given to your patrons for coat check claims. 

Coat check tag material - PVC plastic

Size 3.3125” high x 2.375” wide with .0375” corner radius and 1/2" diameter top hole for placement on the hanger

Custom printed restaurant coat check tags will help you track your patrons' coats, hats, bags, umbrellas and other belongings.