Matchbox 4 inch

Cigar Matchboxes with 3 inch or 4 inch matchsticks and Fireplace Matchboxes with 11 inch matchsticks show off your logo, message, and contact information. Kept handy in the office, at home, on a fireplace mantle or kitchen shelf, these cigar or fireplace matches are your company's functional business cards and useful reminders for your customers to return. It's low-cost advertising with no expiration date! 

Extra-long 3 inch, 4 inch, or 11 inch matches are ideal for candles, barbecues, campfires, pipes & cigars, fireplaces, gas grills and stoves, and for other household necessities. With each customer's use, your logo matchboxes promote repeat business.

Cigar Matchboxes also known as Promotional Cigar Matchboxes, Advertising Cigar Matchboxes, Custom Printed Cigar Matchboxes, Customized Cigar Matchboxes, Personalized Cigar Matchboxes, Candle Matchboxes, Printed Cigar Matchboxes and Branded Cigar Matchboxes.

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Cancellation and Return Policy: Sudek USA does not accept a return or cancellation of any custom printed products which have been printed or are in the process of printing unless the product is misprinted. Notification to Sudek USA of printing error must be given in writing within 20 days of the order delivery date in order to qualify for credit or refund.

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