Approximately 12 Point Budget Board Coasters 4 inch

Plate charge per color: $100.00
Setup charge: $30.00
Plus Freight
Production time: 4-6 Weeks

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Type 10000 pcs 30000 pcs 60000 pcs 150000 pcs 300000 pcs 500000 pcs
1 Color $0.052 $0.030 $0.025 $0.022 $0.021 $0.019
2 Color $0.068 $0.036 $0.028 $0.025 $0.024 $0.020
3 Color $0.055 $0.049 $0.033 $0.027 $0.026 $0.024
4 Color $0.055 $0.072 $0.044 $0.033 $0.031 $0.027
* Minimum order 10000 pieces


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Personalized Budget Board Paper Coasters

Personalized budget board paper coasters are a fun and affordable way to add a personal touch to your event or business. These paper coasters are made from high-quality paperboard, which makes them both durable and lightweight. They are perfect for protecting your furniture from beverage spills while showcasing your personalized design.

Sudek USA Personalized paper budget board paper coasters can be printed with any custom design or logo of your choice. They are available in a 4.00-inch round shape and can be customized with a variety of custom Pantone PMS U colors to match your brand or event theme. Whether you're looking to promote your business, celebrate a special occasion, or create a unique gift, personalized paper budget coasters are a great option.

One of the biggest advantages of personalized paper budget board coasters is their affordability. They are a cost-effective way to promote your business or event while still maintaining a professional image. They are also eco-friendly and can be recycled after use, making them a great option for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact.

When ordering personalized paper budget board coasters, it's important to choose a reputable supplier who uses high-quality materials and printing processes. Sudek USA is a supplier who offers a range of customization options and has a track record of delivering high-quality products including coasters on time and on your budget since 1994. 

Overall, personalized paper budget board coasters are a versatile and affordable way to add a personal touch to your event or business while promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

Custom budget board drink coasters are used mostly in corporate industry and sometimes in hospitality industry. When you custom print your business card thin paper coasters your promotional message will get across to youe clints. 

Promotional budget board drink coasters are available in 3.375, 3.5 and 4 inch sizes. The price includes printing on one side.  

Coaster Facts

The amount of time a person looks at a custom printed paper coaster in just one sitting is on average 20 minutes. Two out of three people that will remember the message on your marketing paper coasters. There is zero amount of plastic used in our advertising paper coasters. Over 10,000 clients are using our printed bar drink coasters. 

The 12 Point weight of the budget board paper drink coaters is an approximate weight, and could vary by couple of points due to the stock supplied by the mill. 12 point thickness of the budget board coaster is like thickness approximately a thin business cards